Running into George W. Bush

On August 1, some of our Richardson FOP members were on a Bike Unit Training Day in a Dallas Suburb.  It was like any other training day until a bunch of Secret Service Agents showed up, shortly followed by President George W. Bush. The President approached and began a conversation with them. It was obvious that our members were cops because the mountain bikes they were riding were marked as Police bikes. 

Officers Balencia, Perez, Schumann, Knable, and Day said that President Bush was “gracious and down to earth.” Needless they were all very honored to meet him. They said it was an awesome experience. Thank you President George W. Bush for taking the time to stop and spend some time with some of the local law enforcement. We appreciate it!

Richardson FOP George Bush

Left to right : Officers Balencia, Perez, President George W. Bush, Schumann, Knable, and Day

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